Showing a strong artistic character from a young age, Marios set his focus towards the art of hair in fashion, still and moving picture.

In his 12 years experience working as a hair stylist in fashion, theatre, video and film industry, he has created a highly respected name for himself, whereby he is renowned for his unique style and ability to create. His collaboration with the KEVIN.MURPHY company as an educator has put him working alongside the team for the shows of Bowie Wong in Paris Fashion Week.

His constant drive to express creativity, directed him towards video and filmmaking, which in turn enlightened his passion for the portrayal of art through moving imagery, and its limitless possibilities. Beginning as a Creative director and Producer of stop motion and video projects for personal projects at first and later on for clients.

Today, along side his career as a Hair Expert and Educator he is the Publisher of a Fashion | Art | Beauty magazine called HAIR ETC.